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S3 The Weight of Empathy with Lucas Spiegel
13th December 2021 • Sentient Planet • Susan Woodward
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We're so happy to release the first episode of Sentient Planet – Season 3!

Today’s guest is the vegan writer, photographer and lover of all creatures – Lucas Spiegel. Lucas quit his job as an architect in North America to spend nearly two years traveling the world, working on animal sanctuaries as he explored cultures and what it would take to live a truly ethical life. One result is his recently published travel memoir, The Weight of Empathy. The book is a beautifully illustrated, thoroughly reasoned plea for kindness and mercy in the human treatment of billions of non-human animals.

In this episode, Lucas shares stories about some of the beautiful friendships he made with individual animals in Australia, Asia and Europe and what these encounters taught him.

Calls to Action

  • You can buy a digital version of The Weight of Empathy (Macroverse Publishing 2021), or a hard copy for US$20. Get free holiday shipping through the end of 2021 with code LOVE2021.
  • Follow the author, Lucas Spiegel, on Instagram @earth.and.eats.
  • Reducing or eliminating your personal meat and dairy consumption strongly contributes to a world of less suffering.

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