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Chapter 89. Bob Harris, Alexander Fleming or the keyboard player from the Who
Episode 8917th January 2022 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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There is no point trying to be modest, or indeed beating about the bush, because Chapter 89 is a whopper.

In the past (it is fair to say) that we have produced some reasonably entertaining chapters, and also some relatively in-depth episodes. But 89 may well be the first time we have come close to marrying the two together (and there will be more on that later).

So, and in no particular order you are about to enjoy;

1. A couple of band-on-the-road-trips, one in Sweden and one in Germany.

2. The balance of the questions received from Patrons for use in the Oxford Livestream broadcast (including a belter from Sarah Golding-Keane about my footwear).

3. A small update about my smalls.

4. A call to action with regard to The Release

5. The definitive guide to Tupperware.

You see what I mean. Whopper.



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