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Who had the funniest year 1978, 1988, or 1998? Find out in this special comedy showcase!
26th January 2022 • Dueling Decades • Dueling Decades
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Welcome back to another all-new episode of the adults-only retro game show where the decades battle for supremacy!  This week in a very special episode, we bring you a comedy-themed duel.  Marc James jumps on stage with the sauciest selections from 1978.  Chucky Ballzak returns to the show with the best comedy offerings of 1988 and The Media King of the North, Joe Findlay heads back to the 90s for some side-splitting fun with 1998!  Mancrush jumps back behind the bench to judge this one and boy does he have his hands full. This episode has more surprises than a trunk full of dead hookers! 

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