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Dr. Borenstein: Treating Adrenal Fatigue
1st April 2021 • From Doctor To Patient • Dr Diva Nagula
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Dr. David Borenstein is New York’s leading integrative and functional medicine physician.

Board certified by multiple medical associations, including American College for Advancement in Medicine and American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. David Borenstein combines the best of traditional and holistic medicine.

David Borenstein, MD is the founder of Manhattan Integrative Medicine. He obtained his medical degree from the Technion Faculty of Medicine in Haifa, Israel and completed his internship at Staten Island University Hospital. During the course of his career, he has attended numerous specialized training courses in order to expand the scope of his medical expertise. He is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, certified in Medical Acupuncture, and is a member of numerous professional societies.

Dr. Borenstein has held many prestigious clinical appointments and positions in leading medical facilities. He has been published in the European Journal of Ultrasound and has been the Chief Investigator on a research project on Spinal Cord Injuries.

3:43  How Dr. Borenstein found his way to practicing integrative medicine.

7:52  Explaining adrenal fatigue, and why it's not recognized in Western medicine.

10:33  How adrenal fatigue affects a person's daily cortisol levels, energy, and sleep.

11:54  The causes of adrenal fatigue.

13:11  What are the symptoms of adrenal fatigue?

13:41  The different stages of adrenal fatigue, and the point at which we should address it.

16:26  Nothing is looked at in isolation — the many other conditions and issues that may overalap with adrenal fatigue.

18:24  How Dr. Borenstein treats adrenal fatigue.

22:02  Dr. Borenstein's go-to relaxation techniques he uses with patients.

23:25  How long does it usually take patients to recover from adrenal fatigue? / How long do they need to continue supplementation?

25:42  A case study exampling the success Dr. Borenstein has had with his patients.

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