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Covid-19 & Mindfulness: How can mindfulness help my anxiety in these unsettling times?
Episode 21st October 2021 • Mindfulness for Caregivers • Azrieli Adult Neurodevelopmental Centre
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As parents and family members of someone with a neurodevelopmental disability, how do we use mindfulness during hard times? It’s not like we can close the door on reality, or just take off to the spa for a week. In this episode Sue and Lee discuss the practical ways caregivers can use mindfulness during the difficult moments. We know Covid has presented increased challenges for everyone, but in particular for caregivers who are either without programs for their family member with a disability, and they are picking up the slack, or their family member may be in a residential program where visitation bans prevent visits, adding a different kind of stress.

Mindfulness can be a powerful tool helping to steady the mind for caregivers during these challenges. And caregivers know challenges! Together Sue and Lee give caregivers some additional tools and options to use in daily life. Together Sue and Lee talk about the work of researcher Kristen Neff and the self compassion practice research.

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