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Role Models Aren’t Found at Work
Episode 915th September 2021 • LIFE LNXX • Consuelo Crosby
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If you are a woman, and more so, a woman of color, you aren't going to find the role models you need in life at the office? So, where do you find them?

This week, Consuelo celebrates the beginning of Hispanic and LatinX Heritage Month in the U.S. by reminding us that much of our everyday life comes from the LatinX and South American cultures. Everything from food, to music and arts, to justice for equity. Learning the stories of women in history and current day will provide the role models and support that aren't found at work and in an office.

  • MeseoAmerican Culture in Your Everyday Life
  • Absence of Role Models for Women, Especially Women of Color
  • Finding Role Models Outside of Work
  • Dolores Huerta Still Advocating at 91
  • My Wall of Women... WOW

Consuelo is a structural engineer who encourages women and BIPOC to disregard conformity so their true personalities and talents will make this world a sassy musical rather than a monologue. Viva!

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