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Using Case Studies and Testimonials to Find Clients
Episode 5825th March 2021 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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Although you're passionate about what you do, it's your client success stories that speak volumes when it comes to finding new clients.

We're naturally drawn to stories and want to know what happens next. Case studies and testimonials are an incredibly powerful way to illustrate how you've helped people. They help prospective clients to understand what you do and the results they could achieve.

  • (01:36) The difference between case studies and testimonials
  • (02:46) Why case studies and testimonials are important
  • (04:08) what to include
  • (05:43) How to get testimonials
  • (08:08) Have a process
  • (09:20) different types of testimonials and case studies
  • (10:52) Online reviews
  • (12:16) What if you don't have any testimonials
  • (13:34) Word of caution

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