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Gideon Okeke: Ogidigada
24th November 2015 • The Unsullied with Oreka Godis • Eregbaro
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Gideon Okeke is a Nollywood actor well known for movies such as ‘93 Days’, the Bolanle Austin Peters stage play, ‘Man Enough’, his time as host of the game show, ‘Money Drop’, being a Big Brother housemate and MNET’s Phillip on ‘Tinsel’.

On this episode, Gideon gives us a glimpse of Ajegunle, his family, the importance of guarding your vision, keeping your inner light shining and traveling light through life.

I learn about edible towels, the method to living the life you want and that all important f-word: FOCUS.

Take us to the gym with you (that two hour session will fly by!); share us with friends over drinks and suya - we don't mind how you experience this episode, so long as you press play 🤓


  • Ogidigada begins - an origin story (01:45)
  • The teenage towel (11:00)
  • Code switching (15:06)
  • On the perception of image (17:56)
  • 2005 in Lagos (21:58)
  •  See Me, Big Brother (30:20)
  • The gift is bigger than the bearer (31:47)
  • Pride, sacrifice and the War - a Soldier’s Story (33:02)
  • Live who you want to be until you are (44:08)
  • The testimony of Gideon of House Okeke, Town: Tinsel (50:29)
  • You must have something to look forward to, to fight for and to live for (01:00:27)
  • Performance is a happy word (01:12:06)
  • The world doesn’t need your permission to take care of you (01:14:33)
  • Every pain is part of the process (01:30:36)

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Gideon Okeke recommends:

  • Moving Forward: Biblical Teachings for Walking in Purpose’ by Stephanie Ike.


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