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Associations in Accounting: CIMA President Sarah Ghosh
Episode 3930th October 2023 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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We have the honor of hosting Sarah Ghosh, the President of CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). Sarah provides insights into the dynamic world of management accounting and its relevance in today's business landscape.

With a diverse membership representing various roles and industries, CIMA is at the forefront of shaping the future of finance professionals. Sarah discusses the evolving responsibilities of accountants, from embracing technology and sustainability to promoting inclusion within the profession.

The conversation delves into how technology, including AI and machine learning, is transforming the way accountants work and make decisions. Sarah emphasizes the importance of agility and staying updated with technological advancements.

Sustainability is another key focus, with Sarah highlighting the role of accountants in addressing sustainability challenges and aligning with regulations and frameworks. She discusses the ethical considerations related to data and the profession's responsibility in promoting sustainable practices.

Inclusion is a topic close to Sarah's heart, and she shares her involvement in initiatives like CIMA Women in Leadership, aiming to create a more inclusive accounting profession.

The episode offers a comprehensive look at the evolving roles and responsibilities of accountants, providing valuable insights for both current and aspiring finance professionals. Join us for an engaging conversation on the future of the accounting profession with Sarah Ghosh.

Sarah Ghosh is an accomplished finance and IT professional with a keen interest in the transformative power of technology within the business landscape. With a particular fascination for AI and Quantum technologies, Sarah is dedicated to understanding how these innovations are reshaping industries and accelerating decision-making processes.

Throughout her career, Sarah has garnered extensive experience and expertise, allowing her to work effectively at the C-suite level across various sectors. Her unique blend of financial acumen and IT proficiency positions her as a valuable asset in the rapidly evolving business world.

Sarah's true value lies in her ability to provide insights and practical knowledge during board discussions. In an era marked by economic, geopolitical, and environmental challenges, she brings a wealth of experience to the table, enabling her to inform and influence strategic decisions effectively.

Passionate about the implications of technology on value creation, customer experiences, and social and environmental impacts, Sarah Ghosh is a forward-thinking professional dedicated to driving positive change and innovation in the corporate world.


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