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Chakra-scuse me? What are Spiritual Chakras 4-7 demystified (Part two)
Episode 422nd March 2020 • You Lost Me at Namaste • Michelle Schoenfeld
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Why do we feel like we can’t breath when we get scared? In this episode we continue our journey into learning about our chakras, find out why we should care and how we can clear them for our best health and happiness. We delve a little deeper into which chakras are responsible for joy, happiness and love as well as which blocked chakras can cause pain, GI issues, headaches, asthma, back pain, eye issues and more. Learn how the vibration of music can help, and why you should never gossip again.  

I also mention:

  • #4~Heart Chakra: Green, love, balance between mind~body, self love, touch
  • #5~Throat Chakra: Blue, speak your truth, communication, inner guidance
  • #6~3rd Eye: Indigo, intuition, imagination, pineal gland, wisdom, balance of mind
  • #7~Crown Chakra: Gold/white, enlightenment, spiritual connection, joy, happiness
  • Kundalini, the power of sound vibration, how to heal and clear your chakras
  • What scents, animals and crystals can help
  • Chakras 8-12

Weekly Mantra:

“ I’m excited for things that have yet to manifest!”

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*Namaste: “The Soul [divine] in me, bows to the soul in you.” A beautiful salutation in the ancient language of sanskrit to say, “I see you.” <3 

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You are worthy, you are enough, happiness is your birthright.

~ namaste

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