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Megasode 1 | Q2 2021 | Just The Tip
Bonus Episode3rd July 2021 • The Gig Hero • The Gig Hero
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Welcome to 'Just The Tip' - our weekly, bite-sized podcast episodes as a supplement to the main TSM Podcast episodes.

We have received great feedback about this series. So we want to help you binge on loads of useful information that will take your entertainment business to new heights. If you have missed out on any of the previous episodes of Q2 2021, you can catch up on all of them in today’s Megasode.

List of ‘Just The Tip’ episodes in this Megasode:

  • 1. Master Your Health [01:55]

To learn more about optimising your health, join The 30-Day Biohacking Challenge.

  • 2. Our Three Favourite Magic Books [12:24]

Have you read any of these? What are your favourite books? Let us know in our Private Book Club.

  • 3. Getting Accountable [20:32]

To get accountable quickly by finding a compatible accountability partner, visit TSM Community.

  • 4. Card Tricks In Mentalism [28:08]

Share your thoughts about card tricks in mentalism in our FREE Social-Learning Network.

  • 5. The Truth About Branding [36:40]

Share your insights about branding in our Free Social-Learning Network.

  • 6. Three Tips To Improve Your Sleep [47:00]

Get your Sleep ebook here:

  • 7. What Does ‘Value’ ACTUALLY Mean? [60:20]

Visit to learn about how to add more value.

  • 8. Our Favourite Stage Openers [72:35]

What are your favourite opening effects? Email us directly at - we’d love to hear your experiences.

  • 9. Being Self-Critical [84:00]

Find out more about the safe space that we’re building for performers by visiting

  •  10. Three Reasons You MUST Get Feedback [97:10]

We want to hear from you! Share your feedback about TSM in our simple 5 question survey at

  • 11. How To Make Your Website Work [108:30]

Learn about optimising your website and more at

  •  12. Less Is More [118:20]

Are you feeling burned out by working too hard? Take a break to reflect and recalibrate by visiting TSM Community

  •  13. Do What Works [129:05]

Want to know how to reduce time spent on unproductive tasks and become highly efficient? Visit Learn To Thrive.