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Note To Future Me - Circle270Media Podcast Consultants 17th July 2020
Become A Better Podcast Host Interviewer - Day 17 - 31 Day Podcast Challenge
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Become A Better Podcast Host Interviewer - Day 17 - 31 Day Podcast Challenge

Interviewing guests involves more than just asking the right questions. Your audience wants to hear captivating content.

This is day 17 of my 31 Day Podcast Challenge

Here are some strategies you can implement immediately:

Research Your Guests Thoroughly

If your podcast exists to educate and inform your listeners about a particular subject, it’s only respectful of your audience to learn not only about the topic but also the guest in order to create an effective episode.  

Do your homework. Search online and gather background information about your interviewees. Be sure to follow them on their social media channels.

Visit their website. Listen to previous talks featuring their work. Read their blog posts. Researching your guests will help you guide the conversation in multiple directions.

Engage With Open-Ended Questioning

Ask open-ended questions. This can be harder than you realize, and take some discipline as an interviewer. 

Open-ended questions require a response with more depth. They also are helpful in learning about a person or a situation. Here are some example questions…

  1. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about…?
  2. What’s your key piece of advice on …?
  3. What keeps you interested in…?


Listen Carefully

Listening sounds obvious, but it’s a common mistake.

Sometimes, we get so focused on asking questions from our prepared list that we miss important points made by our guests. Then, the natural flow seems awkward, and we even ask questions that have already been answered.

To help, reduce nearby distractions. Focus on your guests, not the next question. Here are some handy tips to help you listen more carefully...

  • Don’t interrupt your guest when they are speaking. If a followup question comes to mind, write it down to ask after your guest has finished.
  • Don’t give verbal agreements to every statement that they make. Nodding your head is more than enough to let your interviewee know you are listening.


Ask for Stories

Storytelling drastically changes the way our brains work. And listeners love a good story.  

If you want to persuade and entertain your audience, ask your guests questions to include stories about their experiences. Those memorable moments will capture your listener’s attention and build a relationship with the audience.

Remember to give listeners insight they never expected. To hone your skills, listen to other interview podcasts, and listen to them from the interviewer perspective.

I interviewed radio news reporter and anchor Mark Nuce in a previous episode about the skills needed to become a better interviewer. I have a link to the episode in the podcast episode notes.

Recorded in Studio C at Channel 511, in the Brewery District, downtown Columbus, OH.

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