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Introduction to the podcast
Trailer26th January 2024 • The HighLevel Experience • Vit Muller and Andrew Kamide
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Introduction to the podcast

Hey there listener!

I'm Vit Muller from and together with my co-host Andrew Kamide from , we're thrilled to kick off something new and exciting, The High Level™ Experience Podcast.

We're diving into the world of High Level™ success, and we can't wait to share inspiring stories, strategies, and tools with all of you.

But first a little backstory how this podcast idea came about:

It all started when Andrew and I met at a High Level™ event, the all too famous "Level Up Summit" in Dallas on November 2023. We hit it off over some drinks, discussed our love for High Level, podcasts like Joe Rogan's and Lenny Rachitsky's, and decided, "Why not create our own podcast focused on High Level™?"

So, here we are, just 2 months after that chance meeting, recording our pilot episode.

And today, in this pilot episode, we'll give you a sneak peek of what to expect from The High Level™ Experience Podcast.

We've got a fantastic lineup for you, including guest interviews, the latest High Level™ updates, and our "Move the Needle" segment to help you level up your High Level™ game.

As well as a "Three Quick Impact Stories" segment, where we'll showcase the incredible work High Level™ agencies are doing.

So, join us every week as we disrupt the status quo and share valuable insights to help you succeed with High Level™.


Key points we talked about in this pilot episode!

  • 00:00 Introduction and Kickoff
  • 00:08 The Birth of High Level™ Experience
  • 00:50 Inspiration from Other Podcasts
  • 01:45 The Pilot Episode and What to Expect
  • 09:21 The Weekly Geek Out Segment
  • 09:49 Move the Needle Segment
  • 10:28 Three Quick Impact Stories Segment
  • 13:06 How to Get Involved
  • 14:11 Conclusion and Farewell

You can find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all major platforms. And for more information about the podcast and how to get involved, visit our main website site by clicking here

Thanks for tuning in to our pilot episode. We'll catch you in the next one!

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