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Psychedelics & Sexual Abuse: What You Need to Know & How Not to Cause It With Laura Mae Northrup - 47
Episode 4722nd March 2022 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Laura Dawn, M.Sc
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This episode is a must for ANYONE holding space and facilitating the psychedelic journey for others. 

As leaders of this community, we need to learn how to not cause any kind of harm to those we are entrusted to heal, this is why training and being trauma informed is so crucial for anyone holding space. 

In this episode Laura Dawn drops in with somatic psychotherapist Laura Mae Northrup about the importance of understanding the power dynamic, consent, what we need to be aware of when it comes to sexual harm, and how not to cause it. Tragically, survivors of sexual trauma are more likely to be sexually abused by the practitioners they go to for healing. 

Tune in and you’ll get practical guidance you can apply immediately, powerful resources to become more trauma-informed, a more informed perspective about the importance of psychedelic preparation, and get to the heart of understanding trauma so that we can co-create a safer future for everyone.

Key takeaways:

  • Absolutely everyone involved in facilitating a container for another’s psychedelic journey should become trauma informed and take training.
  • As a community we MUST have difficult conversations with each other, and hold each other accountable for upholding the safety of all.
  • Power dynamics exist that we may not be aware of, and we have to be diligent in getting feedback from our peers if we are unclear about crossing a line.
  • Which training is best for people just entering into psychedelic facilitation. 
  • How healing practitioners can unconsciously cross lines.
  • Sexual Abuse in Patient/Clinician relationships.


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Episode #47 of the Psychedelic Leadership Podcast features a song called Water by the Emmitt Sisters. 



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