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SoloMoms! Talk - J. Rosemarie EPISODE 22, 30th November 2020
He's Serving Overseas. She's Serving at Home - Doris Brandford

He's Serving Overseas. She's Serving at Home - Doris Brandford

Do you ever wonder what’s happening to a service member’s family while they are overseas?

Who’s taking care of their children, for instance?

In today's episode, I talk to Doris Branford who is an army wife. That means this young mother has to handle life at home while he serves overseas. 

Being a solo mom doesnt’ necessarily mean that you are single.

But Doris doesn’t only take care of her young baby. She left her corporate job just before lockdown to start a new business as a Virtual Assistant. 

She's fearless, strong, and focused.

I’ve been fortunate to be Doris’ client as she is very efficient and pays attention to details.

So in the year of lockdown she started a new business, while having a baby under 2 years old. At the same time missing her husband who is serving overseas.

Pardon the input from her baby but this is a mom show, right? :)

Points we discussed:

- If you want it bad enough, you have to make the sacrifices necessary to go after it.

- success doesn’t equal happiness.

- You can make excuses but action gets it done

Let us remember our service members, especially during the holiday season. Please include their families in your prayer and thoughts.

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