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ICYMI: Avoid Downtime When Migrating Data to the Cloud
Episode 2116th December 2020 • Modern Digital Applications with Lee Atchison • Lee Atchison
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Moving your data is one of the trickiest parts of a cloud migration. During the migration, the location of your data can have a significant impact on the performance of your application. During the data transfer, keeping the data intact, in sync, and self-consistent requires either tight correlation or—worse—application downtime.

Moving your data and the applications that utilize the data at the same time is necessary to keep your application performance acceptable. Deciding how and when to migrate your data relative to your services, though, is a complex question. Often companies will rely on the expertise of a migration architect, which is a role that can greatly contribute to the success of any cloud migration.

Whether you have an on-staff cloud architect or not, there are three primary strategies for migrating application data to the cloud.

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