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Healthy Dog Pregnancies with Erin Runcan
Episode 3810th March 2021 • The Good Dog Pod • Good Dog
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This week on the Good Dog Pod, our host Laura Reeves is joined by Erin Runcan, an Associate Professor of Clinical Theriogenology and Reproductive Medicine at The Ohio State University as well as our very own Judi Stella, Head of Standards and Research at Good Dog.

Other than a really long word, what exactly is a Theriogenologist you may ask? The simple translation: a Veterinary Reproductive Specialist. 

In this episode, Erin touches on high risk pregnancies among dogs. A high risk pregnancy, by definition, is any condition that jeopardizes the health of either the mother or the offspring during a pregnancy - it is a very broad term. Conditions include: a very large littler, a very small litter, the breed of the dog, as well as more serious conditions such as pregnancy toxemia, fungal diseases or bitches with trauma. 

For the duration of the episode, Erin dives deep into certain High Risk Pregnancy conditions, giving her insights on how breeders can deal with these conditions, and how to make the right breeding decisions to minimize risky pregnancy scenarios. Give the episode a listen to hear Erin’s expert advice!