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E1 - Twitter is Westworld Incarnate and special guest, Sridhar Solur
Episode 119th May 2020 • Accelerated with Vitaly Golomb • Vitaly M. Golomb
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On this inaugural episode I talk about why Twitter is the Westworld incarnate, and not in a good way. I also interview Sridhar Solur, GM of Berkshire Grey, the company that makes robots that operate in flexible swarms to automate warehouses. Previously, Sri was the GM and Chief Product Officer of SharkNinja, the leader in robotic appliances and food-tech products where he took the company through IPO. Before that, he was the Head of Product for Comcast Digital Home. And before that, he built an entire career at HP where he developed mobile printing and built the smart watch business in partnership with Movado and many other brands before the Apple Watch. He has been recognized by Inc magazine as a top 20 influencer. He will share what he’s learned developing and shipping millions of consumer products. Some of which you likely own. 

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