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Safety With Purpose Podcast - Safety With Purpose Podcast 6th May 2020
Women in Safety #15 - How does psychological risk impact safety and our business?
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Women in Safety #15 - How does psychological risk impact safety and our business?

In episode fifteen of Women in Safety, sponsored by Safeopedia, we are chatting with Dr Susanne Bahn CEO of Tap into Safety and Dr Philippa Milne, Specialist Learning & Development at Rio Tinto. We talk about what is psychological risk? We look at what it takes to develop psychological safety in the workplace, importance of team building and our role as Safety Professional's in relation to mitigating psychological risk in our workplaces. Susanne and Philippa share their knowledge and experience with us during their discussion. We did record this during Covid-19 Home Isolation period and audio quality may not be 100%.

About Our Guests:

Dr Susanne Bahn is widely recognized as a world expert in workplace hazard perception research. With 13 years of safety consultancy experience including nine years of research at Edith Cowan University. Her expertise focuses on strategies to improve hazard awareness skills and address risk blindness and safety induction deafness, for workers in hazardous work environments. She is the author of two books and over 50 journal articles published in Australian and international journals.

In response to consultation with industry, Sue started Tap into Safety, and is their CEO, to develop an interactive safety and employee mental health training software platform. The platform reflects her research findings which demonstrated that inclusion into ongoing training (e.g. safety inductions) significantly reduces workplace injury and machinery damage and supports employee mental health.

The Tap into Safety platform provides over 35 out of the box training courses and can work with clients to develop custom training content.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-susanne-bahn-tap-into-safety/

Website: tapintosafety.com.au

Email: suebahn@tapintosafety.com.au

Twitter: bahn_susanne

Dr. Philippa Milneis a senior instructional designer (i.e. Virtual Reality content design, organisational consulting, learning & development, group facilitation, academic research, online learning programs, leadership training, and employee well-being programs). She's working in Learning & Development in the Koodaideri iron ore new mine project. Her PhD was completed through Macquarie University (psychological well-being among FIFO workers). She has delivered training, instructional design, psychological assessments and counselling through a number of employment positions. Training content developed by Philippa is sold internationally through Tap into Safety, where safety and mental health solutions include over 28 pre-built modules.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-philippa-milne-11893870/

Website: https://www.riotinto.com/

Email: philippa.milne@riotinto.com

Twitter: philippa_mp