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Ruth McCarthy (Time to Think)
Episode 1015th June 2021 • The Coach's Backpack • David Lowe
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This week, Ruth McCarthy, a Time to Think coach, tells us:

  • How making the brain still and at ease can improve your coaching
  • What generative attention can do for your clients
  • How to set up a listening environment
  • What happens to your brain when you are interrupted
  • ... and much more.

Find out more about Ruth at or Connect with Ruth on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

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More about Ruth

Extreme Listener, Thought Provoker and Time to Think Global Faculty. Learning from Nancy Kline how to ‘listen to ignite’ in 2008 continues to drive Ruth's exploration of what listening without interruption will do to stimulate our untapped capacity to think for ourselves, identify and transform our assumptions and create life-enhancing new possibilities.  

On a mission ‘to move every meeting from dull to dynamic’ Ruth leads Thinking Environment® open and qualifying courses from her own consultancy Think It Through, welcoming an extraordinary range of clients and thinkers united by their passion for creating the best possible conditions for great thinking. And she remains a recovering interrupter…