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Homebrewing Basics
Episode 282nd January 2022 • Beer Feelings • Natalie Rae Jones
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On episode 28, Natalie gives a high level overview of the brewing process (and a few updates on her homebrewing journey). How do hops, yeast, grains, and water turn into our favorite beverage?

Enjoy and cheers!

Time Stamps:

3:52 - Our homebrew setup

6:53 - Step 1: Buying homebrew ingredients

7:48 - Step 2: Clean everything

8:47 - Step 3: Mash in

10:16 - Step 4: Take the grains out and boil

10:52 - Step 5: Add hops

11:44 - Step 6: Cool down the wort

12:49 - Step 7: Move to fermentor and add yeast

14:31 - Step 8: Store your beer in bottles

15:45 - What went wrong for us this time

17:16 - Other types of brewing


Homebrew Beyond the Basics: All-Grain Brewing and Other Next Steps

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