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385. Fri-Date: Harness the Power of Unconscious Manifestation to Create Your DREAM LIFE
Episode 3851st October 2021 • Work Hard Play Hard • Rob Murgatroyd
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We’ve been listening to Abraham Hicks lately, and there was one talk that really resonated with us – specifically surrounding our recent move. Abraham says, “You’re not always consciously aware of your plan,” and that could not be more true. Looking back on our lives, you can see how you have planned for your current situation. We’ve talked about manifestation before, but this conversation is more about the unconscious ways you manifest your life – both positive and negative – and how taking ownership of that power allows you to control it, and bring it into alignment with your life.

In This Conversation We Cover: 

  • [03:04] How you follow an unconscious plan
  • [08:15] When your unconscious plan comes into alignment
  • [11:55] Changing your reality with a positive thought
  • [18:41] Taking ownership of your manifestation
  • [22:17] The power of getting lost in a daydream


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