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May Reflections for Body, Soul & Spirit
Episode 226th June 2024 • Spirit Led Life • Angee Robertson
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#22: On today’s episode, I’m going to do an May recap of what has been supporting me in my body, soul and spirit. I’ll share how taking a random middle of the week break fed my soul, times when I listened to the Holy Spirit and what happened when I didn’t, and the hard and good for the month of May.

These are just a few of the things I share. I hope this episode inspires and encourages you to do your own reflection.


Heavenly Position Guidance Challenge:

For this week’s HPS Challenge, take out your journal and spend at least 15 minutes in a quiet space if possible. Take some time to reflect on the month of April for yourself and your three parts, body, soul and spirit and the makeup of each area.

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