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How to build a 6figure business - My path as a sensitive entrepreneur
Episode 1219th May 2020 • Beyond the Hustle | The Happy, Wealthy and Free Entrepreneur • Lydia Sophia Wilmsen
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In today's podcast episode I'll talk about the topic of becoming a 6figure entrepreneur. I have travelled the path and I there are important factors of how to approach it as a sensitive entrepreneur. In this episode I want to share with you what worked for me and what works for my intuitive, sensitive, often introverted clients. There will be more episodes on the topic, like what NOT to do, in the future...

As you can pick any number, making 6figures It is like a next step for many entrepreneurs after having achieved a decent monthly income with their business. It's not really important, what the actual number is, it is more about the big and far away dream and then stepping into the energy of it.

I remember my own path. I had just given up my flat in Germany and travelled to Tansania in Africa. It was a personal time of great turmoil, dealing again with my past, with my upbringing, depression, a crisis and turning point. Business was going, I just couldn't move it forward. And I was far from 6figures. I made consistent 2-3k, sometimes 6 or7k and then again 1k. 6figures a year, meaning over 10k consistently every month was crazy, unimaginable, outside my comfort zone.

So, what changed? I'll show you the 7 steps I went through to achieve my goal. And what my clients go through in order to make their first and then consistent monthly 5figures.

1. I was FED UP! I was ready to do whatever it takes! I surrendered to not knowing anymore and being open for guidance, for something new. Just before I had already invested in a 5k group program, which showed me the importance of consistency, but was a strategy which didn't suit me at all as a sensitive empathic person.

This is how my clients come to me. 

2. INVESTMENT in a coach, someone who inspired me and gave me support and interest in me, so important for me as a sensitive person! Someone I felt had deep interest in me and believed in me! I wasn't a number!! And I payed her 5figures. I had no idea how, in that moment, I did it nevertheless. I followed my intuition. It felt right (the other stuff I did before didn't).

Breaking the waiting pattern was key!! Waiting pattern - Energy of the saboteur... I was ready for change! My pain of staying where I was was bigger than the fear and pain of change. Are you there? My clients are.

-> That both was the process of initiation so to speak, deciding to go all in, to letting go of the past.

-> The actual work I did

3. Internal work. First of all it was NOT strategy, I had done that before for 3 years, without significant results, I had tried it all. It was ENERGY WORK, focussing on my target energy (there is a podcast episode on it) "A powerful technique to create your dream reality" (nr. 6). Connecting with my next level version, with the 6figure entrepreneur. How does she live, how does she talk, how does she walk, who is she, what is her message, her self-worth? With that came that I increased my prices, so that I felt totally aligned and alive with them.

4. Working with INTUITION. I surrender, let go of the goal itself, yes, I did still measure and have an eye on my numbers, but they were not the goal itself anymore and I didn't freak out when I didn't hit a monthly goal, I followed the process and my intuition. Everyday I asked for intuitive nudges. And I followed them! However crazy. Taking time of instead of hustle. Buying something even though I didn't see the value for business. Investing in personal experiences. Doing interviews and stuff with people without a "plan".

5. External work. ACTIVE OUTREACH to my small tribe, I fell in love with selling no matter what, selling is love, I overcame my fear of selling through doing it. I didn't wait for me being fearless or whatever, I did it nonetheless, outside of my comfort zone. 

6. Consistent VISIBILITY and nurturing of my tribe. Me as sensitive entrepreneur love relationship building. This is my number 1 sales tool. Human connection and inviting people in whenever they are ready.

7. Taking time out for myself, reducing my work hours. Self love, self-care, doing things for the sake of it, for fun, for joy, not for an ulterior result of more money, etc. This is a big issue for my hard working clients. They work more and more. And almost all of them have their biggest month when they were on holidays, when they almost forced themselves away from driven ness. Inviting the receiving, the feminine, besides the doing and action part.

And all of this helped to have my first 20k months, building a 6figure business with ease and like half the work I did before to create meager results.

A short conclusion, what were the 7 steps?

Check for yourself, which one do you need to put more focus on? What if you want to go to 7figures, 8figures? The same stays in place, the only things that change slightly is your embodiment practices, you work with that energy level now and your action part. More outsourcing, more team building, different prices.


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