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Solocast: Learning Machine Learning
Bonus Episode1st September 2020 • Machine Learning Engineered • Charlie You
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(03:00) How did I get exposed to computer science and what made me pursue it?

(10:00) Why machine learning?

(15:10) How did I learn ML? How would I recommend someone do it today?

(27:00) Why start this podcast? What is the goal?

(29:40) Rapid-fire questions


Marc Andreeson: Software is eating the world 

Breaking Smart 

Andrew Ng's ML course 

Stanford CS224n 

Stanford CS231n 

VARK Learning Styles 

Deep Learning textbook 

FastAI Practical Deep Learning for Coders 

Naval Podcast 

swyx: Learn in Public 

Seth Godin Akimbo Podcast Workshop 

Marcus Aurelius: Meditations 

The ONE Thing