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How This Dude Created A Huge Business Optimizing Brains With Ben Ford
Episode 21st July 2019 • Badass Asian Dudes • Badass Asian Dudes
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When I had the idea for The Badass Asian Dudes Podcast, I knew I had to get Ben on the podcast.

I met Ben several years back at an entrepreneur conference and he is one of the most badass asian dudes I know. If you're into ecommerce / entrepreneurship / marketing, you should follow him on Twitter.

Ben co-founded the company Natural Stacks, and I've seen it grow from one product to now over 20 with an incredible loyal fanbase of customers.

Natural Stacks sells nootropic supplements - supplements for your brain.

Ben has a lot of great entrepreneurial stories to tell in this podcast.

For example, the story of how he sponsored with the World Series of Poker Champion Martin Jacobson. Jacobson won the WSOP for $10,000,000 that year.

I learned a lot from this podcast and I think you will too.

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