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S2 Episode 2: Time Management Pt. 2
Episode 211th September 2021 • The Good and Faithful Show • Golfran Rivera
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Welcome to the Good and Faithful show where we inspire, educate, and train you to leverage all that God has given you to bless the nations and advance His Kingdom!

This episode is part 2 of a short series discussing the importance of managing our time as God’s Good and Faithful. We briefly review the four priorities we believe should shape the way a Good and Faithful servant stewards the time that the Master has entrusted us with:

1.     Knowing God and making Him known

2.    Loving and serving your family

3.    Loving and serving people outside of your family

4.    Accomplishing the tasks that God has given you to do

Moving into this particular episode, we first establish what a schedule is not:

1. A schedule is not a contract or a commitment.

2. A schedule is not a to-do list

3. A schedule is not a plan

Secondly, we compare a schedule to a financial budget. Similarly to how a budget helps you organize your use of money, a schedule helps you organize your use of time.

With that in mind, we conclude the episode by walking you through the four steps that can help you to create a useful schedule that helps prioritize your time with the Master’s priorities in mind:

1.          Identify your hard time

2.         Establish your wake-up time

3.         Establish your bedtime

4.         Identify your anchor points

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