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Ep. 43: Rewriting the Mother Code w/ Dr. Gertrude Lyons
Episode 4322nd November 2021 • Aligned Attraction • Lee Noto
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Today I’m talking with Dr. Gertrude Lyons, A leading edge trainer in women’s development. Her mission is to challenge what it actually means to be a mother and parent. In this episode, Gertrude and I talk about the importance of learning how to mother yourself and mother all of your creations. 

“Whether you have children or not, you’re still a mother and you’re still creating,” says Dr. Gertrude...“Whether you’re creating a project, starting a business, embarking a personal healing journey or actually raising children, you’re always mothering and nurturing each of your creations.”.  

What You’ll Learn:

  • The ways in which all women mother regardless of whether or not you have children
  • The ups and downs of the motherhood journey
  • The fears and limiting beliefs that affected Dr. Lyons journey in having her own children
  • Re-mothering yourself while raising children
  • The most important aspects of mothering

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