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Shaping the World of Robotics with Chelsea Finn
15th February 2024 • Gradient Dissent: Conversations on AI • Lukas Biewald
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In the newest episode of Gradient Dissent, Chelsea Finn, Assistant Professor at Stanford's Computer Science Department, discusses the forefront of robotics and machine learning.

Discover her groundbreaking work, where two-armed robots learn to cook shrimp (messes included!), and discuss how robotic learning could transform student feedback in education.

We'll dive into the challenges of developing humanoid and quadruped robots, explore the limitations of simulated environments and discuss why real-world experience is key for adaptable machines. Plus, Chelsea will offer a glimpse into the future of household robotics and why it may be a few years before a robot is making your bed.

Whether you're an AI enthusiast, a robotics professional, or simply curious about the potential and future of the technology, this episode offers unique insights into the evolving world of robotics and where it's headed next.

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