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Early Days (1991–2004)
Episode 131st January 2022 • All Your Days • James O'Brien
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Episode 1 starts with a guitar and ends with a sing-along — a brief history of the early days, the first days of tours and bands, two albums ... and how it all came to a stop in 2004.

If you dig this, find my music at Bandcamp.

The following songs are included in this episode:

  1. Jupiter Falling (Live 1996)
  2. America ('Spirit Days' 1998)
  3. Tattoo City (Live 1998)
  4. Throat ('Life Underwater' 2000)
  5. Last American (Live 2002)
  6. Church of the Kitchen Sink ('Church of the Kitchen Sink' 2003)
  7. Mrs Potter (Live 2003)
  8. The War Has Come (Live 2004)




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