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SI25: Where to start your Trend Following jouney?
3rd March 2019 • Top Traders Unplugged • Niels Kaastrup-Larsen
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Discussion points this week include: Where to start if you want to become a Trend Following Trader, whether or not to trade markets differently, Bloomberg’s article on the supposed Failing of Trend Following, how strategies can cope and adapt during drawdowns, how to know when you are truly diversified or not, and a lot more.


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Episode TimeStamps:

00:00 – Intro

01:20 – Weekly review of performance

07:00 – Top tweets

32:30 – Question 1: Karl; Where would you start if you wanted to become a Trend Follower?

36:30 – Question 2/3: Paul; Considering return volatility and investor tolerance, how do you help investors determine their optimal allocation to Trend Following? Have your personal volatility preferences changed over time?

45:45 – Question 4: Antonio; If historical drawdowns have no bearing on the future (as the podcast has said), how do you know your system won’t blow up?

50:10 – Question 5: Antonio; How do you calculate future expected returns with a TF system?

55:20 – Question 6: Antonio; If you can’t estimate future returns, why bet TF will keep working in the future?

59:30 – Question 7: Antonio; Should recent performance of TF systems influence future return expectations?

01:03:10 – Question 8: Brian; How does a CTA choose a company to sell their products?

01:05:00 – Question 9/10: Samuel; Based on correlation, what level of diversification is enough? What will cause Jerry to adjust his risk?

01:09:00 – Question 11: Samuel; How often should positions be adjusted based on account equity?

01:15:15 – Question 12: Brian; Why do investors hold CTA returns to a higher standard (versus other hedge funds)?

01:18:50 – Question 13: Seth; What are the unique “sectors” that drive diversification in a TF system?

01:22:40 – Discussion of Bloomberg article on TF failing – suggested by Christian

01:35:00 – Benchmark performance update

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