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75. Kakao's OTT app | Lee Min-ho in Pachinko | True Beauty in Upcoming Dramas
9th November 2020 • Dramas Over Flowers • Saya, Anisa, and Paroma
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It's a news and drama-filled episode this month! We go over some stories from the industry and then dive straight into the LONG list of upcomings. TIME STAMPS--- *NEWS* 00:04:05 Mobile TV - Wavve, Kakao etc 00:23:28 How the pandemic has affected Korean film releases and schedule 00:29:54 Lee Min-ho cast in Min Jin Lee's Pachinko 00:36:36 Popstars vs. politics: BTS upsets Chinese fans *UPCOMING DRAMAS* 00:40:37 Birthcare Centre 00:44:49 Please Don't Date Him 00:50:20 Live On 00:53:57 True Beauty 01:05:29 The Uncanny Counter (aka Amazing Rumour) 01:10:24 to 01:11:03 *SPOILER* for I Remember You Full show notes with links: Find us on Twitter @dramasoverflow and Instagram @dramasoverflowers_. Email us at Our Amazing Patrons are: Egads, Steven Blackmore, Lia W., Hades, Gracefulegg, Divina, Jenmole, Saoirse10, MCG, Humbledaisy, Eunice Choi, Jojo, Rue, k8ekol, mindy, Liliana, Edyth, Marcia, unatuna, and Dr. Chi. Thank you! ❤︎ Support us at, or by leaving a review on the podcast app of your choice, OR simply by telling your friends. This podcast is part of Frolic Podcast Network.