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Jarvis: Artificial intelligence for your copywriting [Tip Tuesday]
Episode 6726th October 2021 • Coffee Powered Systems • Miranda Merten
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If you are constantly stuck staring at a blank page when it comes to copywriting, looking for an easier way to write copy, it might be time to give artificial intelligence a try. Quickly create copy for for social media, bios, ads, blogs, and more with just a few keystrokes. Today’s tip gives you a tool that does just that. Tune in!

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Hey, welcome back. Coffee Powered Systems. I'm your host, Miranda. And today is Tip Tuesday, where I give you the skinny on an app or a tool that could be useful for your personal productivity. Now, last episode number 66, I spoke with Brianna Gunn, and she mentioned a tool that I hadn't heard of before, so I thought now was a great time to look into it. Our tool today is Jarvis. Now. Jarvis is a copywriting tool. So if you tend to need help copywriting or coming up with content for things like blog posts and ads, then Jarvis might be something that you can look into.


The website says that Jarvis has read about 10% of the Internet, so it has a lot of copy and content that it can pull from. So here's how it works. You go into Jarvis. You pick a template or what they call a skill, essentially, and you can pick a template, which is you want to start a blog post. You want to write ad copy, you want to do a bio, and once you pick that template, you put in your product and tell Jarvis a little bit about your topic so it knows what to pull from.


And you can also put in the voice that you want to use. So if you want to say that it sounds more educated or playful or even maybe put in Joe Rogan, so it will actually write the copy to sound like that voice. And once you put it in, you press enter and that's it, it spits out the content. So it gives you a certain amount of text and copy, depending on what plan you're on. It starts at $29 a month. If you are on the starter plan, that gives you about 20,000 words per month.


And the starter plan is actually for shorter copy. So if you are doing ad copy really short blurbs social media posts, things like that. You're going to want to start on the starter plan. Then they have a pro plan, which is called their boss mode plan. That one is $119 per month. And again, if you are paying monthly, that's the cost. If you pay annually, you do get a little bit of a discount on those plans. And with the boss mode plan, you actually get to write longer form copy, so it unlocks documents so that you can write long form copy, like a longer blog post or even a book, and you get unlimited words with the boss plan.


Now there is no trial for Jarvis, but they do have a seven day money back guarantee. So if you go in there and you check it out and it's not for you, there is still a guarantee. So let me know if you have used Jarvis let me know if you've even heard of it. I'd never heard of it before this, so I would love to hear your thoughts on it and that is our tip for today. Join me next time.


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