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Faith In Action | "Tame The Tongue"
Episode 81st March 2023 • Walk With God • Walt & Brenda McCord
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SCRIPTURE: James 3:1-12

SHOW NOTESHow should we live out our faith in everyday life? James is very specific in the opening verses of chapter 3. He wants us to know teachers of God’s Word will be held accountable and he reminds us that we all make mistakes. We will not be perfect, but our desire should be spiritual growth and maturity. 

Now, James points to the control of our tongues. In verse 5 he writes, “So also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things.” When the tongue is not carefully constrained or guarded, it will get us into trouble. James takes us to the heart of our Christian walk. How do we use our tongue? 

SONG: "Let the Words of My Mouth"