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The Achieve Podcast - Christian Baker EPISODE 45, 30th November 2020
Finish The Year Strong
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Finish The Year Strong

How will you finish 2020 Strong?

What will you achieve in the next 28 days?

I have a question for you today... 

What would you like to achieve and accomplish in the next 28 days? 

At the time of recording we're about to begin the last month of 2020, and it's certainly been a very strange, challenging and uncertain time for so many people. 

It's certainly been a reminder that we can’t always change and control external factors, we can't change all the things that happen around us. 

But the one thing we can do, is change the way we allow ourselves to react and respond to it and we can always develop ourselves.

So, regardless of when you're listening to this, take a couple of moments and ask yourself, 

What would you like to personally achieve and accomplish in your life?

If you could end the year on a high, if you could set yourself a challenge for the next 28 Days, what would you like to accomplish? 

Maybe you have particular target you want to achieve. 

Maybe there's a goal you want to accomplish before the end of year.

Maybe you want to enjoy a bit more inner a peace and calmness in your life.

Maybe you want to generate calmer and happier feelings. 

Maybe you want to get on top of your eating habits.

Maybe you want to work on some personal development and develop a habit or routine, something that's just going to benefit you as you move forward. 

Or maybe you want to take this wonderful opportunity, while so many people are unwinding towards Christmas and the end of the year, to prepare yourself and get yourself ready for the fresh new year ahead, so you can kick start the year and hit the ground running, and help prepare yourself make your 2021 the best year yet. 

Whatever you want to do, take a couple moments, to think about it, to choose, to decide, then make a plan, commit to it. 

The idea of the 28 day challenge, is for you to simply set yourself a daily challenge to do one thing every single day, that's going to move you closer towards accomplishing the goal that you want to achieve. 

So, first decide, choose, make a plan and then do something every single day, that's going to move you closer to it.

It doesn't matter how big or small it is, but take the pressure off yourself and make the commitment to just do one thing every day, that's going to help you to make it happen. 

So, think about what action you can take everyday for the next 28 days, that will kickstart your momentum, and get you in the right mindset with the habits and routines to move you forward to make it happen.

Then make it happen! 

The time's going to pass anyway, you can either leave it to chance, or choose to decide to do something productive with the time, that's going to have a personal benefit and a positive impact for you.

Remember what your mind believes you will achieve, so think differently, believe in yourself, take action, and you can achieve the life and the goals that you want. 

Go on make the next 28 day count for you and your life!

All the best 

Christian Baker

Mindset Coach

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