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Wildwonder and founder Rosa Li rock the vote
15th October 2020 • Food & Beverage Insider • Food & Beverage Insider
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The 2020 election is just weeks away; its ramifications are sure to be felt country- and industry-wide. That’s why Wildwonder sparkling beverages and its founder, Rosa Li, are getting the message out there however they can: Vote. 

Food & Beverage Insider assistant editor spoke with Li about the brand’s recent push to encourage and assist people to vote, including a recent event in which 100% of the weekend’s profits went to a voter fund. Li also explained the causes central to her and Wildwonder’s brand, and how they plan to fight for them. 

In this podcast, Smolokoff and Li discussed: 

  • Why Li and Wildwonder are so passionate about amplifying the “get out and vote” message; 
  • The issues important to Li – both on a personal and business level; 
  • and, regardless of the election outcome, what Li hopes to see more of the next four years and beyond.