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At the Table: SEC’s Focus on Artificial Intelligence
Episode 722nd May 2024 • The Regulatory Roundtable • Simpson Thacher
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In the latest episode of The Regulatory Roundtable, co-produced with Simpson Thacher’s The Funds Channel, we discuss the SEC’s focus on artificial intelligence, including in exams and the recent settlements with two investment advisers in connection with their statements regarding their use of artificial intelligence, and considerations for looking ahead.

Episode Resources:

5/2/24 SEC Examination Lessons Learned During the Biden/Gensler Era and Looking Ahead

4/18/24 Compliance Policies Update Hot Topics

3/19/24 SEC Fines Two Investment Advisers for “AI Washing” 

11/1/23 White House Issues Landmark Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence

Meet Your Episode Hosts:

Shannon M. O'Sullivan

Partner; host and moderator of The Funds Channel; concentrates on the formation and operation of a diverse platform of private funds

Meaghan A. Kelly, Simpson Thacher

Partner; specializes in advising fund managers with respect to SEC examinations, compliance and disclosure questions, and SEC enforcement investigations 

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