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348 | When Should You Start Hiring a Team? The Reason Why Inner Work is Even More Powerful Than Business Strategy
Episode 34827th September 2021 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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You asked, Cayla listened. We need more mini-coaching sessions with listeners! Cayla welcomes another fabulous listener today, Chelsea Kathryn, as she takes the next step in growing her digital marketing business. Chelsea is a busy mom with a new and quickly growing company. She knows she needs to hire a team but isn’t sure about what this will look like for her. In today’s episode, Cayla helps Chelsea see that she can’t do it all and guides her to the next step in her business with a practical action plan. You don’t want to miss the tips and tricks in this episode because while Chelsea likes to think logically, she also realizes that her need to please others could be getting in her way.

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You will learn:

  • [2:35] - Chelsea has big plans and visions and shares what she loves about working with her clients. 
  • [4:00] - At the moment, Chelsea is on her own. She does not have a team in place.
  • [5:14] - Chelsea explains how she started her business and her personal life challenges that have gotten in the way of its growth.
  • [6:31] - Cayla advises that she needs to hire someone because she is losing money. She needs an integrator.
  • [7:39] - What should you look for when hiring an integrator?
  • [8:34] - Ask yourself what is in your zone of genius. You can teach someone else the other things.
  • [10:05] - Cayla explains a plan for Chelsea to start noticing her processes and determine the things she needs to do for each individual client.
  • [11:08] - What is simple to you may not be simple to who you hire.
  • [12:50] - Chelsea shares what has held her back in the past and the issues with her mindset.
  • [14:23] - Chelsea knows that she needs to be firmer with her pricing.
  • [18:50] - When in Chelsea’s life did she start to have low self-esteem.
  • [20:57] - Chelsea explains how she had to be strong for her family.
  • [22:08] - People pleasing makes Chelsea feel safe.
  • [23:05] - Cayla guides Chelsea through resetting her central nervous system.
  • [25:08] - Through an exercise, Chelsea envisions her inner child.
  • [27:13] - After these exercises, there is a physical feeling, too.
  • [28:54] - Chelsea summarizes her action plan.

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