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Songs That Do Something Incorrectly (with Lora-Faye Åshuvud)
Episode 288th September 2021 • Themes and Variation • Soundfly
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Some of the best moments in music are the ones that defy expectations, breaking from conventional "rules" in pursuit of something unique or unpredictable. These are often the instances that catch our ears, leaving us wondering what just happened and how those artists got away with something you just don't do.

That irregular something can be an abnormal chord progression, an unanticipated instrument choice, or a way of using an effect with little or no precedent. Of course, the quest to break free from mediocrity and presumption can sometimes result in work that is somewhat polarizing, but there's a lot to admire about an artist, writer, or producer who took that chance.

For this episode, we sat down with favorite-of-the-show, Martin Fowler and the astounding artist, Lora-Faye Åshuvud (of Arthur Moon) to celebrate some tracks that take risks and color outside the lines.

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