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Event Special – Accountex 2023 Live Interviews Pt.1
Episode 19Bonus Episode14th June 2023 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Welcome to The Accounting Influencers Podcast YouTube channel! In this episode, host Rob Brown catches up with industry experts at Accountex 2023 in ExCeL, London, to bring exclusive insights into the accounting and finance world.

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Jonathan Mifsud -

Simon Leek -

Mike Dean -

Rob Brown interviews Jonathan Mifsud from Buddy, Simon Leek from Fibre CRM, and Mike Dean from WhisperClaims.

Discover the impact of technology on payroll and the industry's transformation with Jonathan Mifsud from Buddy. Gain valuable insights into collaboration with competitors and Buddy's expansion in the UK market. Find out what sets Buddy apart from others in the field and get a sneak peek into the plans for Accountex 2024. Don't miss this interview filled with exciting revelations about the future of accounting!

Next, explore the world of CRM with Simon Leek from Fibre CRM. Learn about the unique features and capabilities that differentiate FibreCRM from other CRM solutions. Simon shares the best CRM technologies, applications, and tools for success. Delve into connecting data islands with CRM and unravel the CRM philosophy. Discover the future direction of FibreCRM and Simon's contagious excitement for what lies ahead.

In another captivating interview, Rob sits down with Mike Dean from WhisperClaims to navigate the complexities of R&D tax. Gain insights into how WhisperClaims provides an overview of R&D tax and assists clients in developing effective strategies. Discover what excites Mike the most in the R&D space and how networking and partnerships shape the future of this field. Get a glimpse into the exciting developments in the world of R&D tax.

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