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The Changing Face of Identity Theft: Synthetic Identity Fraud
Episode 2120th July 2022 • IAFCI Presents... The Protectors •
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Synthetic Identity fraud schemes have proliferated in the past few years becoming the nation's largest form of identity theft. Today on The Protectors, we present a Special Broadcast from the 2021 IAFCI Conference in Chicago. Mike and Mark have the pleasure of speaking with Steve Lenderman. Steve has been heavily involved in investigating and identifying synthetic identities and entities and is considered an industry expert with over 25 years in the financial crimes sector. He was the Fraud Operations Lead for PayPal Business Loans where he was responsible for managing fraud detection, investigations, and mitigation, and has spent time with Barclaycard US where he oversaw major investigations, internal investigations, and bust-outs/credit abuse. Listen and learn so that your wallet or purse doesn't become a crime scene