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#190: Customer-Based Corporate Valuation with Professor Daniel McCarthy (Short Summary Show)
Episode 1901st March 2022 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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In this short summary show, I look back on an interview with Assistant Professor of Marketing at Emory University, Dan McCarthy, about key marketing topics that loyalty marketers love, such as measuring the lifetime value of customers and predicting future spend. 

In that interview, we also talked about his exciting new tool for investors and leadership teams - called Customer-Based Corporate Valuation

This innovative framework offers a comprehensive approach to connecting the loyal behaviour of customers with the overall valuation of the firm! A huge leap forward for our industry. 

Professor McCathy also shared his insights on the Pareto Principle as well as the consumer behaviour changes he saw emerging as a result of the pandemic.

Show Notes:

1) Episode #64: Customer Based Corporate Valuation - Daniel McCarthy of Emory University

2) Daniel McCarthy is the assistant professor of marketing of Emory University

3) Article: How to Value a Company by Analyzing Its Customers, Harvard Business Review





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