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Finding Purpose with Mike Graglia of the SYNGAP10 Podcast
Episode 891st November 2021 • Causepods • The Podcast Consultant
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Purpose can come from anywhere.

We often think of purpose as something that comes from something you love, but more often than not, purpose comes from the hard things in life. For example, today we are talking with Mike Graglia, who found a purpose through the struggle of being a child's parent with SYNGAP1. A rare disease where a specific protein is not created that is essential for nerve growth. It is so rare that it wasn't recognized in humans until 2009. 

Mike knew that information would be the key to advancing his and the medical community's understanding of this disease. So he started the non-profit SynGAP Research Fund to advance the research and treatments available for people with SynGAP1. His podcast, the SYNGAP10, is that purpose coming to life in a big way by providing listeners with the latest news each week in the community. 

Key Topics:

·     How did SYNGAP1 become a part of your life (1:06)

·     What are some issues with diagnosing the disease (2:42)

·     What challenges did Mike have starting a non-profit (4:20)

·     What has been some of the early impacts that foundation as had (6:33)

·     How did adding a podcast become the right next step for the foundation (8:54)

·     In what ways do you see the current structure of the podcast evolving (14:57)

·     Deciding if a daily briefing podcast is a right fit for your cause (16:06)

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