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Ep 9: "Sex 101"
24th September 2018 • 2 Dudes and A Chick • 2 Dudes and a Chick and Loudspeaker Studios
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On this episode, the crew forgoes the “reality”/“tv” check-in and jump straight into a conversation about sex. Tiff encourages the Dudes to talk during sex, while the Dudes explain why they don’t talk (8:30). Getting off topic, Priest D and Tiff review their time at the Lauryn Hill concert (10:20), talk about going to the On The Run concert next week, and Priest D’s birthday. The crew also talk about hygiene, from underwear (26:00) to being grimy (30:00), to juicy vagina management (44:00). Back to sex - Tiff continues to try and get the Dudes to talk during sex (46:00), Dr. Ij goes over role play scenarios, the crew talk about sex toys (Priest D is not a fan), are the dudes romantic and masturbation. Priest D shares the story of how his mom beat porn out of his system (1:25:15). --- Send in a voice message: