The Strong Mom, Strong Fam Way with Lauren Regula
Episode 821st December 2021 • Rock Your Joy • Aine Rock
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"It really dawned on me that the best thing I can do for my kids is to be a happy, healthy mom. There's nothing on earth I can buy them that would be more important than them seeing their mom happy, healthy, confident, empowered."

It’s not uncommon for moms to put their dreams and goals on hold for their families. But at a certain point, doing so may hurt you. By learning to put ourselves on the priority list, we’re becoming more fulfilled versions of ourselves and can show up in even more ways for the people we love.

On this episode of Rock Your Joy, Aine is joined by Olympic bronze-medalist and founder of Strong Mom Strong Fam, Lauren Regula, to discuss the challenges she faced as she began her journey into motherhood, re-discovering her life-long passions and how she’s transitioning back into “Mom-mode” after the 2020 Olympics! 

  • (01:40) - Lauren's journey
  • (06:55) - Becoming a new mom
  • (10:05) - It's enough just to be me
  • (11:55) - Strong Mom Strong Fam
  • (17:04) - The next open space
  • (19:45) - Sport parallels
  • (22:02) - Motherhood & entrepreneurship
  • (26:23) - Who Not How
  • (30:55) - Rest & recovery
  • (33:41) - Headspace
  • (35:43) - How is Lauren cultivating joy?
  • (38:04) - Be you and stay curious

Lauren Regula is the founder of Strong Mom Strong Fam, where she helps Moms "Calm The Chaos" within themselves and take ownership of their bodies and lives. Recently, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and train to make her third Olympic roster in softball. Now, Lauren is officially a 3x Olympian and Olympic Bronze Medalist! Even still, Lauren had plenty of hurdles to jump to get to where she is today. She spent 6 years in and out of depression after the birth of her third child. Through more hard work and strength than she knew was possible, she loved herself whole, gained back the confidence she had lost, and became the person she needed to be to make her dreams come true. She was able to make this happen just before her 40th birthday and with her family as the best support system - and cheering section - that she could ask for! Keep up with Lauren on Instagram at @laurenregula or Facebook at @LaurenBayRegula.

Aine Rock is an artist, entrepreneur, mom and High Performance Coach working on becoming the best version of herself and inspiring others to do the same. Rock Your Joy is a place for women to share the unique ways they find, cultivate, and celebrate joy. We’re often so focused on things happening to us that we forget that joy exists within us. Tune in every other week as we find that joy, together.

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