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Jordan Tishler (Double Lives and Resurrections)
Episode 1224th May 2022 • All Your Days • James O'Brien
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Jordan Tishler was living a kind of double life, even as he produced my first two albums, ‘Life Underwater’ and ‘Church of the Kitchen Sink’ … truth is, he’s always been a doctor on top of being a music producer. Now, he’s a vibrant voice in the medical cannabis industry. We go deep on the music days (with shout-outs to Mission of Burma, The Neighborhoods, U2, Midnight Oil, The Motion Sick, Vishnu, Dan Bern, and more). We dive into twists of fate, vanishing acts, self-confidence and self-doubt, post-pandemic PTSD, the nature of prescribing THC for people, and how healthcare is working to work with marijuana in the new world. 

Clips in this episode:

  1. Roadsong (James O'Brien, 'Life Underwater' - 2000)
  2. Big Time at the Iron House (James O'Brien, 'Life Underwater' - 2000)
  3. Transmission (James O'Brien, 'Life Underwater' - 2000)
  4. Church of the Kitchen Sink (James O'Brien, 'Church of the Kitchen Sink' - 2003)
  5. Islands and Phantoms (James O'Brien, 'Life Underwater' - 2000)
  6. America, Part Two (James O'Brien, live, unreleased - 1999)



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