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Ep 99: Training Camp Debrief - The Power of In-Person Coaching, Double Down on the Basics, and Hold Yourself to a Higher Standard
Episode 9914th November 2021 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Do you hold yourself and those around you to a high standard? Joining me on the show this week are a couple of the Rebel crew, Ryan Patrick and Ryan L’Ecuyer. The three of us sit down and unpack the training camp we put on this past weekend at PeakFast Fitness and Sports Training in Erlanger, Kentucky and our big takeaways from the camp. The Rebel Performance training camps are a way for us to bring our remote community of Rebel athletes together for a fun weekend of in-person coaching, training, and getting to know each other.

 It’s safe to say that in-person coaching is unlike anything else. Even if you’ve been lifting for over a decade, everyone needs in-person coaching check-ins every three to four weeks. The nuance behind hands on coaching makes a heap of difference, and each attendee was able to take the coaching cues home with them to implement in his/her remote training. Not only was the in-person coaching amazing to witness, but also this idea of collaborating knowledge with like-minded humans was extremely beneficial. We all have so much to bring to the fitness table, and it was great to be able to share and learn with everyone.

We then dive into the importance of being exceptional at the basics. It is likely you haven’t exhausted this adaptation yet, so it’s important to double down and really focus on continuing to crush the basic principles, slowing down, taking in the feedback presented and bringing intention back to training. We close out the episode discussing why we all need to hold ourselves to a higher standard; this is something we have at Rebel Performance. We have a tribe continually looking to push, challenge and lift each other to new heights. Listen in to hear how our training camps are kind of like pumping iron meets animal house meets Tony Stark (the mad scientist part).

What You'll Learn in This Episode: 

  • [04:15] Brief takeaways from the training camp
  • [07:29] How valuable it is to get hands on training
  • [11:15] Collaborating knowledge
  • [13:25] Being exceptional at the basics
  • [17:16] Slowing down and really taking in the feedback
  • [21:35] Bringing intention back to training
  • [22:00] Gym pet peeves
  • [23:04] Embracing the suck 
  • [23:34] Limiting your phone usage in the gym
  • [27:46] Holding yourself to a high standard


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