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Design Your Decade - Rio Rocket, Rosann Santos EPISODE 5, 4th December 2020
Networking! Networking! Networking! How To Do The D--- Thing!
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Networking! Networking! Networking! How To Do The D--- Thing!

All in the same d--- day we gave you Pillar 1: Strengths, Pillar 2: Executive Presence, Pillar 3: Adaptability, Pillar 4: Passion and Authenticity and The Fifth Pillar of Success is Networking.

We're serving up a lesson in energy, engagement and retention to build your networking in a giant interconnected superweb of resources and people you can trust and trust you in return. Get plugged in. Get connected. With these five pillars you're now unstoppable.

You're welcome.

The DYD podcast is designed to accelerate the career trajectory of:

•   Recent college graduates

•   Graduates and Professionals interviewing for new employment

•   New professionals: 5 years or less employed at current job

•   Middle Management: 5-10 years employed

•   Professionals in creative fields, media and entertainment

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