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Cayla Craft on Nobody Cares Podcast: Motherhood, Business, and Going from Nurse to Successful Investor!
Episode 50222nd May 2023 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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We’re flipping the script this week and sharing an episode from Nobody Cares podcast where Cayla is interviewed as the guest! Get ready for this REAL conversation!

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Show Notes:

From working night shift as a nurse to becoming the multi million dollar investor you see today, I’ve evolved through multiple career pivots. Pivots that take investing in yourself and in outsourcing so you can reach new levels of success! I’m excited to share this candid conversation I had with Andre Huseman on his podcast, Nobody Cares! Andre asks some great questions about how I took the skill I’ve learned through my network marketing experience, and coaching, into how I run my life and work as a real estate investor! Tune in ways to buy back your time, so you can be the parent, business owner, and investor you want to be!

01:00 How do you make new friends as an adult?

03:15 Motherhood: Grieving a miscarriage, and having babies while working the night shift as a nurse.

09:00 What got you into network marketing?

13:00 From nursing being my identity to knowing there had to be something more.

16:15 What was your experience like working with your husband?

19:00 Having made multiple pivots in your career, what would your advice be for women wanting to start a new business?

24:30 How to buy back your time and show up as the parent AND business owner you want to be!

26:15 How to calculate your hourly rate.

34:00 How to run your business with integrity.

40:15 Teaching your kids to work hard, and how they would

43:00 Takeaways from this conversation: A message to ambitious women.