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How to use stories in your holistic health business
Episode 219th July 2020 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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As humans, we love stories, they’re part of our human existence. Stories have been the way we relay information throughout history with myths and legends. Our families have their own personal tales passed from generation to generation.

I’ve been inspired to use more stories in my marketing after attending a class by one of my mentors, Janet Murray. As a professional writer, she effortlessly uses stories to illustrate the messages she wants to get across to her audience. They capture attention and are totally relatable, so I decided to experiment and use more personal stories myself.

  • Batman Returns story (1:40)
  • Why use personal stories? (2:35)
  • Where to use stories in your marketing (3:32)
  • Capture your ideas (4:47)
  • Decide your message (5:52)
  • Write your story and simplify (6:52)

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